Autonomous Flight System
Based on 3D AR
  • Flight Using LTE Network
    Patented flight technology tested in LTE network

  • Optimal 3D Route Search
    Patented optimal 3D route search algorithm

  • AR Based View System
    ​Patented AR technology based on 3D guidance

Fly Your Drone Safely Beyond Lines Of Sight Using Our Collision-free Autonomous Flight System 

  • Flight effectiveness verified by Aerospace Design ∙ Airworthiness Institute of Konkuk University

  • Flight manuever and data communication verified in LTE network provided by KT

  • Detection and avoidance of obstacles, while flying autonomously, verified by experiments

Optimal 3D Route Search
  • Utilizes 3D aerial geographical information

  • Makes use of weather and flight conditions

  • Creates safe and efficient, optimal 3D route

3D Synthetic Vision System(SVS)

  • ​​Applies 3D AR technology for easy control

  • Takes advantage of LTE for optimal flight

  • ​​​Supports Night/Fog/Rough weather mode



#366, 815 Daewangpangyo-ro

(Enterprise Support Hub, Pangyo Ⅱ Techno Valley)

Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggido, 13449, South Korea

Fax: 050-7711-0321


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